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Współpraca z socjologiem z Marshall University

W dniach od 14 do 20 grudnia 2010 r. dwie studentki Translatoryki, Aleksandra KristiansenMarta Skibińska miały okazję współpracować z socjologiem wykładającym i prowadzącym badania na Marshall University w Zachodniej Virginii.

Steve Mays interesuje się życiem trójmiejskich działaczy Solidarności z lat osiemdziesiątych. Nasze studentki ustnie tłumaczyły dla zagranicznego gościa wywiady z byłymi związkowcami i wykłady w ramach konferencji „Korzenie Solidarności”. Współpracę koordynowała mgr Paula Gorszczyńska. Poniżej można zapoznać się z listem, który po wizycie w Gdańsku przesłał Steve Mays.

Hi all!

I am a sociology instructor at Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia. I'm doing ethnographic research concerning the Solidarity Movement and the historic events of the 1970s and 1980s in Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia. Being an American with a Polish vocabulary of about half-a-dozen words, this project requires skilled interpreters! Luckily, Ms. Paula Gorszczynska, of the Gdansk Center For Translation Studies solved the problem with the help of two of her finest students...Ms. Marta Skibinska and Ms. Aleksandra Kristiansen.

Marta arranged interviews for me with several former activists of Solidarity. These fascinating meetings gave me a glimpse of "living history" through the interpreted stories of the activists. The interviews included former writers and publishers of "bibula, " or "samizdat" the underground, self-publishing operations which facilitated the success of Solidarity. Marta interpreted for me during a group meeting which included several academics, a film-maker, local political figures, and Solidarity activists. She also interpreted during the local premier showing of the dramatic new documentary movie, Grudzien '70.

Aleksandra arranged interviews with former prominent leaders of Solidarnosc, and with current and former workers in Stocznia Gdanska, where this world-changing movement first originated. She was able to get me directly into the working heart of the shipyard and to arrange fascinating interviews with local eye-witnesses and participants in the events of the '70s and '80s; these accounts were oral history at its best. Aleksandra also interpreted for me the academic presentations at the Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci, which included the famous historian, Jerzey Eisler. Not only are Marta and Aleksandra skilled, efficient, and professional interpreters, they also have the rare interpersonal skills of creating a relaxed and friendly rapport almost instantly with the interviewees. This ability is critical in social/historical research as the non-threatening atmosphere encourages the interviewee to open-up and tell his or her own personal story in a completely natural and comfortable fashion. I greatly appreciate the courteous and professional assistance from Aleksandra, Marta, and Paula during my stay in Gdansk. I look forward to many return visits in the future. I also welcome all questions, comments, and contacts concerning my research, Marta and Aleksandra's work, the Solidarity Movement, or any related social/historical topics.


Stephen Wayne Mays (Steve)

Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia, USA

s.wm [at]

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