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Declaration of the editor in chief of the publishing house słowo/obraz terytoria

Students from the Chair of Translation Studies in the years 2009–2012 completed their internships at the publishing house słowo/obraz terytoria, where they proved to have outstanding knowledge and abilities. The publishing house found their help in both editorial and translation work very useful. Under the internship programme work was concluded on the following new and planned publications:

Irena Hansz, Miłosz Wojtyna, Justyna Burzyńska and Karol Chojnowski translated Czechosłowacka Nowa Fala [The Czechoslovak New Wave ] by Peter Hames (2009).

Justyna Burzyńska translated Poradnik domowy kilera [The Hitman's Guide to House Cleaning] by Halgrimur Helgason (2010).

Miłosz Wojtyna translated Seks na ekranie [Screening Sex] by Linda Williams (in press).

Urszula Gołowicz and Maciej Pawlak translated Esej o topografii [An Essay on Typography] by Eric Gill (in the pipeline).

Therefore, the publishing house is interested in prolonging of the cooperation with the Chair of Translation Studies also in the future.

Stanisław Rosiek 

Last updated: 25.09.2013

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