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Boyowisko 2014

On 20th and 21st March 2014, in the University of Gdansk there was conducted yet another set of translation workshops “Boyowisko’2014,” organized by the Centre for Translation Studies in cooperation with the Department of Translation Studies at the Institute of English, Institute of Romance Studies, as well as our Student Science Clubs (Laboratorium Przekładu and Symultana). For two days, students from the University of Gdansk, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin had the possibility to participate in a whole gamut of most riveting meetings with translators and publishers from Gdansk publishing agencies (Wydawnictwo w Podwórku and Wydawnictwo Wiatr od Morza).  Also within the framework of “Boyowisko’2014”, there were organized workshops in audiovisual and oral translation for the students attending High School No 5 in Gdansk.

“Boyowisko’2014” commenced with the lecture of Marek Łukasik, Ph.D., about modern specialist journalism, as well as with the workshops concerning translation of various texts by William Burroughs, conducted by Mateusz Janiszewski, himself a translator of The Soft Machine. While the participants racked their brains to determine “what the author had in mind, ” workshops in interpreting, conducted by Paula Gorszczyńska, M.A., were in full swing in the interpreting lab. In the evening, Boyowisko moved to Wyspa Piratów (Pirates’ Island) in Sopot. In the course of the meeting, there was organized a test of general knowledge – the unquestionable winner was the team of Kaprawe Zakapiory (freely translated as the Bloodshot-Eyed Rascals).

The second day of “Boyowisko’2014” was dominated by workshops in the translation of comics, conducted by two excellent translators, Wojciech Birek and Marek Starosta. Amongst other workshops that enjoyed immense popularity were those in audiovisual translation (conducted by Maciej Kur, M.A.), as well as those in the essentials of creating web pages and technical translation (lead by Maciej Mrug M.A.).

We wish to heartily thank both the leaders and the participants for a most wonderful time and inspiring discussions. We sincerely hope that we will meet again!




Last updated: 07.04.2014

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