Gdańsk Centre for Translation Studies Staff Researchers

Hanna Kryszewska, MA in English Philology, UG



Academic teacher of general English and ELT methodology

Senior lecturer, language consultant, freelance trainer, author of coursebooks and resource books, editor

MA in Applied Linguistics, University of Gdańsk

Languages: Polish (A), English (B), German (C), Russian (C)



since 2012                    Member of the Curriculum Council of Chair of Translation Institute of English and American Studies, University of Gdańsk, Poland



since 2006                   Member of IATEFL World

1996 – 2005                 Member of  IATEFL Poland


2009                             Anniversary Award UG – 30 years of academic career

2008-2009                     1st Degree Joint Award of the Rector of University of Gdańsk for didactic and research work

2004                             Anniversary Award UG – 25 years of academic career

1999                             Anniversary Award UG – 30 years of academic career





since 2012                    IELTS language courses English Division, GUMed Gdańsk

since 2012                    senior lecturer Chair of Translation, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Gdańsk

2011-2012                    lecturer on post-graduate studies: Podyplomowe Studia Pedagogiczne, WNS,   UG

since 2011                    preparation and training on stationary and e-learning course: Introduction to the teaching Profession Szkoła Wyższa Lingwistyczna, Częstochowa

2010 Oct. – 2011 Dec.   senior lecturer in Chair of Linguistics, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Gdańsk

2009 Dec. – 2010 Oct.   senior lecturer at Centrum Egzaminacyjno Kursowe, SJO, University of Gdańsk
2009 sesje metodyczne dla sieci szkół stowarzyszonych w OISE w Wielkiej Brytanii

2007-2008                    training sessions on postgraduate studies: Teaching English as Foreign Language, University of Gdańsk in conjunctions with EFS i MEN

since 2006                    3ditor-in-chief of website magazine Humanising Language Teaching:

2006- 2011                   seminars in Studium Tłumaczy English Unlimited in Gdańsku

Since 2006                    lectures and seminars for  Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, UK

2005-2009                    supervising teaching practice conducted by students of Early Education and English – WEZJA, University of Gdańsk ( creative workshops  at primary schools: De La Salle and  Zesp. Kształcenia Podstawowego Nr.17 – classes 1-3, Gdańsk)

2005-2006                    involvement in adapting the syllabus and curriculum to comply with the Bologna System for WEZJA, Institute of Pedagogy, University of Gdańsk

2004-2006                    teacher training in ELT for Post-graduate Studies, Department of Management and Economics, University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland

2003-2011                    DOS at Language Centre - Centrum Językowe, Wyższa Szkoła Psychologii Społecznej Oddział Zamiejscowy, Sopot, Poland

2003-2005                    cooperation with DOS - Teacher Training Solutions, Poland – workshops and conferences

2003                            help at organising  I Pomorski Dzień Nauczycieli Języków Obcych, Gdańsk, Poland

2002-2011                    supervisor of teaching practices of WEZJA students, Institute Of Pedagogy, University of Gdańsk

2002-2005                    teacher training courses at Regent Teacher Training College - Kolegium Kształcenia Nauczycieli Regent College in Elbląg

since 2002                    expert reviewer of coursebooks for MEN – Polish Ministry of Education

2002-2011                    pre-service teacher trainer of future teachers of YL and trainer on courses: English language children’s literature WEZJA, Institute of Pedagogy,   University of Gdańsk

since 2001                    pre-service teacher training and other vocational courses at English Unlimited Teacher Training College - Kolegium Kształcenia Nauczycieli English Unlimited in Gdańsk

2000-2006                    cooperation with Macmillan Polska as trainer, consultant and author

2000                            testing a new course for the Institute of Pedagogy - Early Education Course  and English, in the future WEZJA, University of Gdańsk

1999                            supervision of a course “English through Psychology” for students of University of Gdańsk

1997-2012                    language classes for PhD candidates and the academic staff studies in the ESP  and CLIL formula

1990-1992                    teacher trainer on courses RSA Certificate for Teachers of English (CELTA) in the UK, later guest lectures on CELTA and DELTA courses for Bell School Poland, Gdańsk and Warsaw

since 1989                    cooperation with Pilgrims Language Courses, UK, as trainer, consultant and editor

1989-1999                    in-service and pre-service teacher training organised by the British Council, Solidarność, Peace Corpse, INSETT, Kolegium Kształcenia Nauczycieli, UG

1979-2000                    teacher training cooperation with the British Council, Poland and  UK

designing and organising courses, conducting classes on residential courses conducted by Studium Języka Angielskiego – English Language Studium of University of Gdańsk for the academic staff of University of Gdańsk, University of technology and University of Medicine

1979-2009                    lecturer and then senior lecturer on courses organised by British Council Studium ( later English Language Studium), University of Gdańsk, all levels




Chapters in methodology books for ELT teachers

2010                            Essay in TB.”Global – elemenatary”. Macmillan

2004                            Language Activities for Teenagers, red. Seth Lindstromberg CUP

1999                            Observing English Lessons - A Video Teacher Training Course British Council Studium,   University of Gdańsk, ‘Your Future, My Future – grammar  presentation and controlled practice’, ‘Your Future, My future - semi controlled practice and production’,   ‘Global problems’- using the coursebook  creatively’, ‘Global problems – text based lesson’ and recording of  4 video lessons to accompany the chapters /30-45 min each/

1996                            Stand-by Book, red. Seth Lindstromberg, CUP 9 contributions

1995                            Reading on Your Own, PWN – Chapters: ‘People’, ‘Food’, ‘Education’, ‘Science’,   ‘Women’, ‘Medicine’

1991                            Options for English, PWSiP- Chapters: ‘People’, ‘Money’, ‘Christmas’

Co-author of methodology resource books 

2012                            Learner-based Teaching (  Colin Campbell), OUP

1995                            Towards Teaching (Colin Campbell),   Heinemann International

1992                            The Company Words Keep (  Paul Davis), Delta Publishing 

Co-author of coursebooks

2004                            ForMat 3 -  student’s book, Macmillan Polska

2003                            ForMat Intro -  student’s book, Macmillan Polska

2003                            ForMat 2 - student’s book, Macmillan Polska

2002                            ForMat 1 – student’s book, Macmillan Polska

1995                            Options for English, student’s book, PWSiP - Chapters: ‘People’, ‘Money’, ‘Christmas’

Articles published in Poland

2013                            How children learn languages: comparison of L1 and L2 and implications for ELT.” „Beyond Philology 9”

2012                            Five Minds for the Future: Preparing for Lifelong Learning” IATEFL PL Newsletter

2007                            Hidden messages, Problemy Wczesnej Edukacji, Numer 1- 2 Rok III,

2006                            Books for English Children - an inspiration for teaching English as a foreign language, Problemy Wczesnej Edukacji, Numer 2, rok II

2006                            Macmillan ForMatura Builder - Some thoughts and reflections on pre-exam preparation, Part 2: Planning activities and lessons from the Repetytorium as loops or spirals, The Teacher, Numer 2

2006                            Macmillan ForMatura Builder - Some thoughts and reflections on pre-exam preparation, Part 1: Input versus output, The Teacher, Numer 1

2005                            Art for Art’s sake, The Teacher, Numer 2

Articles published abroad

2013                            Interview, The Teacher Trainer Journal

2013                            The Company Words Keep,   ETAI Newsletter special edition “25 years of the Lexical Approach” ( in print)

2012                            Review for ELT Journal - Oxford Journals: English Through Art, vol. 66/3  July 2012

2011                            How to weave fine arts into CLIL projects for YL, IATEFL  Special Interest Group Newsletter –Young Learners and Teenagers Autumn 2011

2010                            Review for ELT Journal - Oxford Journals: Advanced Learners vol. 64/2 April 2010

2010                            Writing Texts for Young Learners of English: From Inspiration to Action, w Readings on ELT Materials IV, Longman

2008                            Books for English Children an Inspiration for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, HLT magazine, Year 10; Issue 3; June 2008 (reprint from Problemy Wczesnej Edukacji)

2007                            Review for ELT Journal - Oxford Journals: Expertise in Second Language Learning and Teaching, vol. 61/2, 2007

since 2006                    Numerous reviews and Editor’s articles in HLT website magazine

2006                            Lexical Chunks Offer Insight Into Culture, HLT Magazine, Year 8; Issue 3; May 6

2005                           The Lexical Approach and Spoken Grammar, GRETA, 2005

2003                            Chunking for language classes HLT Magazine, Year 5; Issue 5; September 03

2003                            Chunking for beginners  (Lexical Approach), HLT Magazine, Year 5; Issue 2; March 03

2003                            Why I won't say good-bye to the Lexical Approach, HLT Magazine, Year 5; Issue 2; March 03




Conferences abroad

2013, April                    Fine Arts for CLIL, Visual Literacy and EAP classes Annual International IATEFL Liverpool, UK

2013, March 9th            35th Annual TESOL Spain Conference, plenary “Humanising Technology”, Seville, Spain

2012, Sept. 1st              English Language Literature an Inspiration for EFL, IP Conference,  Thessaloniki, Greece

2012, Aug. 26th-29th      Introducing CLIL through fine arts; Making the most of CLIL, LEND Portonovo, Italy

2012, March 28th           CLIL through the Use of Poetry and Literature in the English classroom, ALEA Conference, University of  Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2012, March 19th-23rd   Five minds for the Future: implications of a new theory, 46th Annual International IATEFL Glasgow, UK

2012, Oct. 13th              Five Minds for the Future: ELT Implications of  a New Educational Model by Howard Gardner ( keynote speaker), konferencja na Universite de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2011, May 28th              Integrating technology into ELT, “Deep into ELT” Conference, Fatih University, Istambuł, Turkey

2011, May 27th              Combining Theory and Practice ( 2 plenaries), International Conference in TESOL, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey

2011, April 15th-19th     CLIL Projects for Young Learners 45th Annual International IATEFL Conference, Brighton, UK

2010, May 27th-30th      A reactive look at ELT: Multiple Intelligences Revisited” i „Five Minds for the Future – a New Theory of Howard Gardner”. (plenaries), 2nd Foreign language Symposium, Cankaya University,                 Ankara, Turkey

2010, January 29th        Teaching English to YL,   Europees platform, Utrecht, the Netherlands

2009, May 1st-2nd         Spoken Grammar vs. Written Grammar, 23d Annual APPI Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

2009, March 31st-April   4th Hidden Messages: How ELT materials shape attitudes and promote citizenship and Pecha Kucha: Reading Aloud Allowed, IATEFL, Cardiff, UK

2008, Oct. 14th-17th      Fine Arts for the Advanced Learners, ( plenary) 3d International Symposium and Conference on ELT Materials, Melaka, Malaysia

2008, Aug. 27th-30th     Humanism in Language Teaching, Portonovo LEND, Italy

2008, April 7th-11th       Teaching Through Fine Arts: theory and practice 42nd Annual  International IATEFL Exeter University, Exeter, UK

2008, March 13th-16th   Plenary at YUCE Koleji Conference, Ankara, Turkey

2008, Feb 13th              Inspiration for Language Teachers  (plenary), Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

2007, Feb 28th              Language testing theory and practice – teaching for the Tawjihi exam (plenary), Amman, Jordan

2007, April 18th-22nd    English language children’s literature: an inspiration for EFL,  Aberdeen, UK

2006, March 16th-18th   The benefits of the LA and Spoken grammar to my Learners, The LA I SG New developments in language analysis and their pedagogical implications (plenary), TESS  Jaen, Spain

2005, May 30th              Communication at Work: CLIL ( plenary), St.Poelten,  Austria

2004, April 10th             Jazzing Up Your classroom, The role of Dialogues in Language Lessons ( plenary),   II Terakki VAKFI Okullari, Istambuł, Turkey

2004, March18th-19th    Learner training -Humanism in a language class (plenary),   VTTN  National ELT Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam

2002, Sept. 21st-22nd   What developments in psychology teach EFL teachers (plenary), IATEFL BETA Sofia, Bulgaria

2001, Nov. 29th-30th     Language Experts in Europe, ILIAD Symposium, Vienna, Austria

2000, Nov. 4th-5th        Creativity, Where does it come from? 1st AGM, ETAS, Geneva,  Switzerland

2000, Jan. 25tth-26th     Fast Forward: New Trends in EFL, TEA – Regional Symposium,  Vienna, Austria

1997, Aug. 29th-30th     Teacher Training in the climate of change: teacher training product or process oriented, IATEFL, Slovakia

1996, March. 8th-9th      Mixed ability classes, Tricks of the trade-an alternative approach (plenary), Learner centered teaching, III Hornadas de Ingles. Madrid, Spain

1994, Nov. 6th-7th         Exam preparation and Motivating your learners (plenary),  THRACE Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

1994, Oct. 23d-28th       Towards teaching, IATEFL, Belfast, UK

1992, Oct. 23d-28th       Learner Based teaching, IATEFL, Lille, France

1990, March 27th-2nd    Video based Activities, IATEFL Dublin, Ireland

1989, March 31st           Learners Based teaching materials, IATEFL, Warwick, UK



Conferences in Poland

2012,  Sept. 7th-9th       Five Minds for the Future: Preparing for Lifelong Learning, XXI International Conference IATEFL Poland, Wrocław

2011, Sept. 9th-11th      Creating CLIL projects for YL step by step, XX International Conference IATEFL Poland, Warszawa

2006, Sept. 22nd-24th   Teaching through art., International Conference IATEFL PL, Poznań

2005, Sept. 16th-18th    Ever wondered where YL coursebook writers get their ideas from?,  International Conference IATEFL PL, Toruń

2004, Oct. 16th-17th      Teacher Class, National Teachers’ Conference, Warszawa

2003, Sept.19th-21st       New Matura, International Conference IATEFL PL, Wrocław

2003, April 26th             Psychological trends in teaching foreign languages, I Pomorski Dzień Nauczycieli Jezyków  Obcych, CEN, Gdańsk

2002, Nov. 9th-11th       Using Authentic Materials,   International Conference IATEFL PL, Poznań

2002, March 15th-17th   Lexical chunking, IV Conference of UCET, Borki

2001, Sept. 12th-13th    Teaching is a serious business,   IATEFL PL, Warszawa

2000, Nov.10th-12th      The lexical approach and rules of spoken grammar: pedagogical  implications International Conference IATEFL PL, Kraków

2000, Oct. 27th-29th      What psychology has taught language teachers?, Anima Conference, UG, Gdańsk

1999, Nov. 12th-14th     Teaching Across the syllabus, International Conference IATEFL PL, Katowice

1999, Sept.                   Learning from Experience, British Council Conference, Puławy

1998, Nov.6th-8th          Learning through multiple intelligences, International Conference IATEFL PL Wrocław

1998, Sept. 18th-20th    Teacher Training, International Conference IATEFL SIG PL, Gdańsk

1997, Nov.7th-9th          Do we know everything about teaching from coursebooks, or can we learn something new? International Conference IATEFL PL, Łódź

1996, Nov.15th-17th      Teaching Teenagers, See it from a different angle, International Conference IATEFL PL,  Poznań

1995, Nov. 10th-12th     Process versus Product, International Conference IATEFL PL, Gdańsk

1993, Oct. 1st-3d          Common teacher’s sins, International Conference IATEFL PL, Kraków

1992, April 24th-26th     Creativity International Conference IATEFL PL, Karniewice k/ Krakowa



since 2006                      editor-in-chief of e-zine Humanising Language Teaching ISSN 1755-9715

since 2002                      expert reviewer of coursebooks for Polish Ministry of Education - MEN (Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej)



1975 – 1979                  MA degree English Philology, University of Gdańsk; applied linguistics „Subjectivity of Reported Speech” supervised by doc. dr hab. Aleksander Szwedek


2010                             successfully completed a course on designing e-learning courses, and using Moodle, SWPS, Polska

since 2006                     summer schools organised by Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, UK

1996-2009                     standardisation courses for FCE, CAE and CPE exams UCLES,

since 1992                     workshops and teacher training courses in Poland and abroad for local and national teacher associations, publishers and other educational bodies

1989                             attachment in South Devon College of Arts and Technology,  Torquay, UK

1984                             teacher Training Course and attachment, Pilgrims, Canterbury, UK

1980-1995                     teacher Training courses organised by the British Council, Poland

1980                             British Council Teacher Training Course, Nottingham, UK



Other Interests

Language teaching, writing and gourmet cuisine.


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