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About us

The Department of Translation Studies brings together

  • academics with hands-on practical experience (translators, interpreters, editors and language teachers, among others),
  • entrepreneurs interested in language services we offer - students' translations - and willing to share knowledge of the sector they operate within,
  • students as language and translation service providers guided by the staff members and the customers themselves.

With this Capital on board, we have been implementing a carefully designed set of best practice in translation training so as to meet standards formulated by international experts within the framework of the EU-inspired Optimale (read more under “Optimale”) and EMT programmes. We make sure that the methods we apply stay valid and efficient.


Thus, our BA, MA and postgraduate students develop a number of competences which give them a competitive advantage in the ever more demanding market of language services. They graduate having mastered how to:

  • prospect for customers, define, agree on and meet transparent co-operation criteria (translation services provision),
  • work on translation project as team members accepting various responsibilities (social skills),
  • enhance language skills by performing critical analyses of alternative lexical and syntactic solutions in their translations and compiling thematic glossaries based on reliable sources of information on the subjects concerned, among other language enhancement activities with their A, B and C languages (language competence, thematic competence),
  • translate between cultures and within cultures attentive to culture-based nuances and to the impact of register switch (intercultural skills),
  • data-mine in quality terminology, style and grammar guides, translation memories and reliable sources of domain specific knowledge (information mining),
  • benefit from Computer Aided Translation tools (Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast), composition software, XTM-Cloud and more (technical skills),
  • apply the theory of translation and study it to stay abreast of the new developments in the field and contribute to its further development (research skills).


The Department closely cooperates with the Gdansk Centre for Translation Studies, a body offering market-oriented post-graduate courses and specialist trainings, thereby fostering vocational competence  enhancement opportunities for students. The two-semester courses, whose offer is updated annually, focus on the following areas of translation:

  • Literary Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Conference and Public Service Interpreting
  • IT for Translators
  • Localization

A platform for sharing translation skills, expertise and passion, the Centre invites professional translators and authors to run workshops on the translation of fantasy and science-fiction, poetry, specialist texts (medicine, technology, biology) and interpreting as well as on the application of CAT tools.



Last updated: 05.11.2013