Gdańsk Centre for Translation Studies Internship and student apprenticeship programmes

Internship and student apprenticeship programmes

Apprenticeships and internships in the Department of Translation Studies

The English Philology students (both bachelor’s and master’s degrees) specializing in translation are obliged to do apprenticeships in order to put the knowledge gained during their studies into practice. The apprenticeships should be done in economic, public, scientific, or educational institutions, or in cultural organizations, in which the students have an opportunity to perfect their skills related to translation and interpreting.

The students find the place for the apprenticeship on their own account or rely on the offer prepared by the staff of the Department of Translation Studies. As far as apprenticeships are concerned, the Department cooperates with well-known organizations, corporations, and institutions which represent various areas of the economy as well as social and cultural life, such as: publishing houses, translation agencies, universities, research institutes, and private companies.

Internet communication tools help the students keep abreast of the new opportunities to gain professional experience in domestic and foreign institutions. The Department of Translation Studies organizes training courses run by specialists whose aim is to perfect the students’ translation proficiency and increase the competitive advantage of translation services.

The companies which are interested in cooperation with the Department of Translation Studies within the scope of apprenticeships and internships for students are kindly asked to contact our employees.

The students of translation studies have the opportunity to do their apprenticeships in, i.a., the Ludvig von Mises Institute, the Institute of Development, and the Centre for Political and Legal Studies. They have also done their apprenticeships in companies specializing in the localization of computer games and programs (Gambit), local government bodies (The City Hall of Gdańsk); they have done translations of documentary films held by the European Solidarity Centre and subtitled them; they have translated for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and  handled the Polish presidency in the EU (EU ministers’ meetings in Sopot and Wrocław). The students also do their internships at the University of Gdańsk, in the course which they translate internet website content to English, e.g., the Health and Safety Regulations for the foreign students of the University of Gdańsk.

Moreover, owing to the cooperation of the Department of Translation Studies with the publishing houses in the Pomorskie region, the best students have the opportunity to do an intern in the following publishing houses: Słowo/Obraz Terytoria, Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, Harmonia, Oficynka, and Wydawnictwo w Podwórku. During these internships, the students participate in the whole process of book production, and they translate promotional content to English. Many a time have they been offered to translate complete books at the end of their internship, which as of yet has resulted in a substantial number of books translated by the students of Translation Studies to appear on the market. This gave them indispensable professional experience still during the period of their education.


Last updated: 08.11.2013