Gdańsk Centre for Translation Studies Translator Training MA Translation Studies

Translation Studies (MA Studies)

Two–year MA Programme in Translation Studies

Two–year M.A. studies in translation offer students the possibility of intensive development in the chosen track of translation: Specialised Translation (with particular emphasis on the translation of legal, business, IT, medical and EU-related texts), Interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous and community interpreting), and Literary and Audiovisual Translation. Practical translation classes are supplemented by courses aimed at improving students’ command of their native language: creative writing, technical writing and Polish stylistics. Apart from a range of courses geared at developing practical translation skills and competences, conducted in the state-of-the-art language laboratory, the syllabus also offers a comprehensive research programme. Taught by highly professional lecturers from the Institute of English and Institute of Polish Studies, the programme comprises courses in translation theory and cultural contexts of translation. Furthermore, students of the Literary and Audiovisual Track may choose to attend numerous courses devoted to a presentation of Polish literature and the diverse literatures of English-speaking countries and of other language countries translated into Polish. Specialised Translation Track comprises courses on linguistic approaches to text analysis in Translation Studies, languages for special purposes, terminology management, intercultural communication, diplomatic protocol and knowledge of special fields.

The best students are offered internships in translation agencies and public institutions, and the winners of the annual translation competition may well see their translations published. Courses are conducted in modules (10-30 hours), which facilitates more diverse and intensive forms of work with students. Students have the option of working for a diploma certifying their professional skills. Our graduates will be specialists with competences particularly valued on the market (such as translation project management, terminology management, editing and typesetting of translations in appropriate formats), professionals well prepared for team work, capable of constant upgrading of their skills and well versed in modern technological systems created to aid specialised translation (e.g. CAT tools).

Last updated: 09.12.2013