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  • Current Challenges of Medical Translation Conference

    Centre for Translation Studies and Directorate-General for Translation, EU invite you to an international conference and workshops on medical translation organized within the framework of Translating Europe Workshop.

  • Gdansk December Translation Studies Conference

    Translators, scholars, students - take part in the "Localization and Globalization" conference
    held on 7-8th December at the University of Gdansk!

  • "Globalization and Localization" Workshops

    University of Gdansk, Center for Translation Studies and Directorate-General for Translation, EU invite prospective participants
    to the “Globalization and Localization” workshops organized as a part of the “Translating Europe Workshops” programme on December 8, 2016 at the Faculty of Languages of University of Gdansk.

  • ‘Symultana’ in full swing! – Bravo!

    28th June – Alina Boczoń (1st grade, MA translation studies) interpreted a press conference and events accompanying the unveiling of the "Crown of the Himalaya" monument in the Władysławowo Walk of Fame (sports) in honour of outstanding climbers who have summitted the eigth-thousanders. She bravely faced all the vocabulary challenges as well as the omnipresent cameras, while interpreting for the legend of mountaineering Reinhold Messner (photos – Rafał Długokęcki). 



    5th and 6th June – Aleksandra Sieradzka (3rd grade, BA translation studies) took up the gauntlet again, this time interpreting simultaneously during a demanding technological conference DredgDikes on levees. Ola partnered one of the graduates of our post-graduate course in interpreting Ms. Dorota Rewieńska.  


    15th and 16th May – Luiza Safi (2nd grade, MA translation studies) interpreted consecutively at meeting with the authors featuring at the Between.Pomiędzy Festival.


    14th May – Luiza Safi (2nd grade, MA translation studies) interpreted simultaneously at a conference ’10 year’s of Poland’s membership in the European Union – assessment and prospects’ held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk. Appreciating her work, Ms. Aleksandra Borowicz from the UG Centre for Studies on European Integration declared willingness to collaborate with ‘Symultana’ within conference projects in the future.


    25th April - Aleksandra Sieradzka (3rd grade, BA translation studies) interpreted for a group of Belgian visitors to Nowy  Port, Gdansk, in cooperation with the Kinoport branch of the Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art.


    9th April – Symultana at the Faculty of Social Sciences –  see article below

  • Guest from the Directorate-General for Translation Office at the European Commission Representation in Poland.

  • Boyowisko 2014

    On 20th and 21st March 2014, in the University of Gdansk there was conducted yet another set of translation workshops “Boyowisko’2014,” organized by the Centre for Translation Studies in cooperation with the Department of Translation Studies at the Institute of English, Institute of Romance Studies, as well as our Student Science Clubs (Laboratorium Przekładu and Symultana). For two days, students from the University of Gdansk, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin had the possibility to participate in a whole gamut of most riveting meetings with translators and publishers from Gdansk publishing agencies (Wydawnictwo w Podwórku and Wydawnictwo Wiatr od Morza).  Also within the framework of “Boyowisko’2014”, there were organized workshops in audiovisual and oral translation for the students attending High School No 5 in Gdansk.

    “Boyowisko’2014” commenced with the lecture of Marek Łukasik, Ph.D., about modern specialist journalism, as well as with the workshops concerning translation of various texts by William Burroughs, conducted by Mateusz Janiszewski, himself a translator of The Soft Machine. While the participants racked their brains to determine “what the author had in mind, ” workshops in interpreting, conducted by Paula Gorszczyńska, M.A., were in full swing in the interpreting lab. In the evening, Boyowisko moved to Wyspa Piratów (Pirates’ Island) in Sopot. In the course of the meeting, there was organized a test of general knowledge – the unquestionable winner was the team of Kaprawe Zakapiory (freely translated as the Bloodshot-Eyed Rascals).

    The second day of “Boyowisko’2014” was dominated by workshops in the translation of comics, conducted by two excellent translators, Wojciech Birek and Marek Starosta. Amongst other workshops that enjoyed immense popularity were those in audiovisual translation (conducted by Maciej Kur, M.A.), as well as those in the essentials of creating web pages and technical translation (lead by Maciej Mrug M.A.).

    We wish to heartily thank both the leaders and the participants for a most wonderful time and inspiring discussions. We sincerely hope that we will meet again!




  • Another success for our students

  • „An Introduction to Translation of EU Acts.”

    On 18th of November 2013, the Department of Translation Studies is playing host to an expert on the harmonisation of Community legislative acts

    Dr Katarzyna Jagodzińska,

    Post-doctoral assistant and lecturer in the Enterprise Institute, Faculty of Economics and Business,



    Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland


    Our Guest will deliver a lecture and run a workshop session on

    „An Introduction to Translation of EU Acts.”

    Students will have a chance to gain insight into topics such as types, names and standard structure of Community legislative acts.

  • Workshops on medical translation and translation verification by Alexa Alfer and Anne Plank from Westminster University

    On the 8th of November 2013 (Tuesday), the Chair of Translation Studies will receive Alexa Alfer and Anne Plank from the Centre for Translation and Interpreting in Westminster University, one of the best Departments of Translation Studies in Great Britain, in order to discuss the possible cooperation between Westminster University and the University of Gdańsk (Chair of Translation Studies, Institute of English and American Studies).

    Alexa Alfer will lead a workshop on translation verification for M.A. students, and Anne Plank – workshop on medical translation for third year B.A. students.

  • International Translation Day

    City Culture Institute in Gdansk is happy to invite everyone to the celebrations of International Translation Day which will take place on the 30th of October 2013. The programme includes: a meeting with Antoni Libera, the premiere of Sławomir Paszkiet’s two films from the series “Wytłumaczenia” and translation-culinary workshops on Agnes Jekyll’s essays.

    Admission free of charge. Sign in here:

    More information about the event and the programme can be found on the Institute’s website:

  • Sonnet XX for the 20th anniversary

    The Centre for Translation Studies and the Chair of Translation Studies are pleased to invite everyone to take part in a translation contest organized to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Polish Shakespeare Society.
    The winner will receive a prize of PLN 500.
    Please send the translations to and write “sonnet” in the subject.  Furthermore, please include your name, surname, phone number and agreement to process your personal data.
    The deadline for sending translations is the 5th October (until 4 pm).
    The results will be published between the 21st and 22nd October, during the celebrations of the PSC’s 20th anniversary.
    For further information contact Marta Nowicka -

  • New issue of Specialised Translation Student Research Group bulletin

    We are pleased to announce that on the 5th of June 2013 there will be published a new issue of Specialised Translation Student Research Group bulletin. The issue is devoted to various types of specialized translation: it includes articles on legal, scientific and audiovisual translation, a report from the workshop led by Anne Plank from Great Britain, as well as a feature on machine translation. 

  • Workshop on natural sciences in translation: “Don’t be green about the gills – how to handle scientific translations”

    On the 9th of May 2013, Specialised Translation Student Research Group LINGUANA organized another workshop on natural science in translation. This time the presentations concerned the difficulties of scientific translations. The workshop was prepared and led by Anna Kierbedź, who is a second year M.A. student in the Chair of Translation Studies and the vice-president of LINGUANA.

  • Characteristic of translation market in Great Britain: workshop by Anne Plank from Westminster University

    On the 22th of April 2013, the Chair of Translation Studies received Anne Plank from the Centre for Translation and Interpreting, Westminster University, who led a workshop on the requirements that translators have to meet if they want to work as either written or oral translators on the British market. The report from the workshop, written by Paulina Chojnowska, will be included in the newest issue of LINGUANA bulletin. 

  • Legal and literary translation workshops by Sarah Hall and Karen Seago, Ph.D.

    From the 14th to 15th May 2013 the Chair of Translation Studies for the third time received Sarah Hall and Karen Seago, Ph.D., from City University London.

    The workshop prepared by Sarah Hall was devoted to legal English and the idiosyncrasies of legal texts; its participants were the first year B.A. Translation Studies students. Sarah Hall is a lecturer in City University London and the director of M.A. studies in Legal Translation. More information:

    Karen Seago, Ph.D., led a workshop on translating popular literature (children’s literature, science-fiction). Karen Seago is a lecturer in City University London, where she directs M.A. Translating Popular Culture studies. More information:

  • Chair of Translation Studies student participated in the Third Conference of Young Linguists in Warsaw

    Weronika Siatkowska, a first year M.A. student in the Chair of Translation Studies, participated in the Third Conference of Young Linguists in Warsaw. The subject of her presentation was “Theory of conceptual amalgamation in art analysis, ” during which she briefly outlined the history of cognitive linguistics, explained the process of conceptual integration, and applied the theory to analyze one of Banksy’s works, “Jesus with shopping bags.”

    A publication comprising articles of all speakers will be issued at the beginning of 2014. Additional information, conference program and abstracts are available on the website:

  • Second edition of “Transfantastica” – workshop on translating fantasy literature

    The Centre for Translation Studies and Gdańsk Fantasy Club is happy to invite everyone to an open meeting which will take place alongside a workshop on translating the genre of fantasy.

    This year we will guest Piotr W. Cholewa – the most prominent Polish fantasy translator, who will give a lecture about his work and passion. He is best known for translating Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” series, but he has also worked on many other fantasy and science-fiction books.

    The meeting will take place between 1.00–2.30 pm on the 6th April 2013 in room 1.47 of the Faculty of Languages.

  • Interpreter’s workshop

    On the 19th and 20th of January 2013, “Interpreter’s workshop” took place. It was a course in Polish into English interpreting organized by the Centre for Translation Studies.

    The workshop was addressed at those considering a career in interpreting, but have never had the chance to test their abilities. Furthermore, the course was a sample of how and what students of the Postgraduate Interpreting Studies learn.

    At the end of the workshop, participants received a video of their presentation and consecutive translation, as well as an audio recording of their simultaneous translation.

  • Our students’ first steps

    We are happy to announce that our Translation Studies students – Paulina Chojnowska and Luiza Safi – successfully translated a debate which was organised on 17th of March in the Artus Court on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Father Eugeniusz Dutkiewicz SAC Hospice in Gdansk. Both of them carried out their task to perfection; not only did they prove their skills in the field of whispered interpreting, but also manifested their courage and integrity, as the subject of their voluntary interpreting was quite difficult emotionally. Their effort was appreciated by the organizers who awarded our interpreters with certificates of merit and modest gifts.


  • Our graduates have succeeded again

    Dorota Rewieńska and Marta Skibińska, graduates of the Postgraduate Interpreting Studies, made their debut as interpreters on the Tricity conference market. They worked together as simultaneous interpreters at ”Just Future” conference ( Their client was more than satisfied, and certainly appreciated not only the good quality of their work, but also – or even above all – their factual knowledge and technical preparation; not surprisingly, he has already expressed his desire for future cooperation. We truly wish our students further achievements of this kind!


  • Declaration of the editor in chief of the publishing house słowo/obraz terytoria

    Students from the Chair of Translation Studies in the years 2009–2012 completed their internships at the publishing house słowo/obraz terytoria, where they proved to have outstanding knowledge and abilities. The publishing house found their help in both editorial and translation work very useful. Under the internship programme work was concluded on the following new and planned publications:

    Irena Hansz, Miłosz Wojtyna, Justyna Burzyńska and Karol Chojnowski translated Czechosłowacka Nowa Fala [The Czechoslovak New Wave ] by Peter Hames (2009).

    Justyna Burzyńska translated Poradnik domowy kilera [The Hitman's Guide to House Cleaning] by Halgrimur Helgason (2010).

    Miłosz Wojtyna translated Seks na ekranie [Screening Sex] by Linda Williams (in press).

    Urszula Gołowicz and Maciej Pawlak translated Esej o topografii [An Essay on Typography] by Eric Gill (in the pipeline).

    Therefore, the publishing house is interested in prolonging of the cooperation with the Chair of Translation Studies also in the future.

    Stanisław Rosiek 

  • Translation workshops 23.03.2013


    The Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Gdansk (Faculty of Languages) and the Translation Laboratory Student Research Group are happy to invite for “Technical translation  – operating manuals” - a workshop which will take place on Saturday, 23rd of March, 10.00 am, room 3.6 at the Faculty of Languages. 

    Everyone is more than welcome – the workshop is not solely for students from the University of Gdansk! Classes will be held by Maciej Mrug, M.A. – a graduate from the Postgraduate Translation Studies at the University of Gdansk and a practising translator specializing in technical texts who cooperates with a number of renowned Polish translation companies and institutions.

    Operating manuals for both household and industrial appliances are perhaps the most frequent and ubiquitous publications on the market of translated texts. The participants will find out, among other things, what distinguishes operating manuals from other types of technical texts, what requirements they would have to fulfil, or how to solve the most common translation issues. All these questions will be discussed on the basis of examples of authentic extracts from different types of operating manuals.

    Come and see it for yourself – technical translations are not the domain of engineers and engineers only – curiosity is the first step towards this attractive specialization!

  • Translation student – Hanna Juszkiewicz – has won the competition for a prestigious internship for a lawyer linguist in the European Central Bank

    Hanna Juszkiewicz – a second-year student of M.A. studies has won the competition for

    a three-month paid internship as a lawyer linguist in the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Hanna Juszkiewicz, M.A., is also a graduate from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdansk and a graduate from the Postgraduate Translation Studies in the track of legal and economic translation. She is starting the internship on the 15th of June 2012 – the day when she defends her master thesis on legal translation.

    Hanna Juszkiewicz is our third student who has won the internship in the EU institutions; however, it is the first internship for a lawyer linguist. In 2010 Monika Kowalska won the competition for the translation internship in the ECB and in 2011 Piotr Lemieszek succeeded securing the same internship.

  • Guest lecture with Richard Delaney from the City University London

    On the 26th of March 2012, we hosted Richard Delaney from the City University London as a part of Erasmus Teacher Mobility Programme. Richard Delaney ran workshops on English law (litigation); the participants were the second-year B.A. Translation Studies students.

    Richard Delaney teaches at City University London and is an active translator of legal and financial texts. He is a barrister by education and he studied at the University of Edinburgh, BPP Law School in London and University College Dublin in Ireland. More information:

  • Łucja Biel, Ph.D., was appointed a member of the editing board of The Journal of Specialised Translation

    Łucja Biel, Ph.D., was appointed a member of the editing board of the prestigious international magazine The Journal of Specialised Translation (, listed by European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH). Starting next year, Łucja Biel, together with Dionysios Kapsaskis, will work as the deputy editor. The Journal of Specialised Translation, which is published in Great Britain, is entirely dedicated to specialised translation. Its chief editor is Lucile Desblache, Ph.D., from the University of Roehampton. 

  • Rector’s team award for Translation Studies

    Members of the Chair of Translation Studies – Wojciech Kubiński, Ph.D., Professor of University of Gdansk, Łucja Biel, Ph.D., Olga Kubińska, Ph.D. and Paula Gorszczyńska, M.A., received Rector’s 2nd Level Team Award for “implementation of innovative ideas and consistent realisation of the Translation Studies programme at the University of Gdansk.”

    The award was disbursed during the inauguration of the 2011/12 academic year.

  • guest workshops and a lecture by DR KAREN SEAGO

     Wednesday, 29 April, 11.20-12.20, room 3.4- lecture: Theorising protofeminist translation practice

    Thursday, 30 April, 9.30-12.00, room 3.6- workshop: Translating children's literature

    Contact person: Dr Łucja Biel (


    Dr Karen Seago is Programme Director of UK’s first MA in Translation for the Professions (MA in Legal Translation and MA in Audiovisual Translation) at City University London. She sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Specialised Translation and on the executive committee of the British Comparative Literature Association. Dr Seago was also Director of the Centre for Transcultural Research at London Metropolitan University. She researches into translation and cultural history, comparative literary studies, fairy tale studies and gender. She teaches theory and practice of translation in the MA Applied Translation Programmes at City University London.