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With Poland’s accession to the European Union, the demand for specialised translation from English has grown markedly, in particular in the field of law, economics and finances. The postgraduate studies are designed to answer this urgent market need. Admission is open to graduates of BA and MA English Studies and of other majors with a strong command of English. Our offer includes three intensive tracks of instruction: Specialised Translation (legal, EU, business and finances, etc.), Interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous interpreting), and Literary Translation. Training will be provided by eminent scholars and professional translators from European and Polish academic centres. Subsumed under the Programme for the Implementation of Modern Educational Solutions at the University of Gdańsk funded under the Human Capital Operational Programme 4.1.1. (European Social Fund), the first edition of the course (2010/2011) is free of charge.
Period of studies: from October 2010 to June 2011. The studies will be divided into trimesters: trimester 1 (October-December), trimester 2 (January-March), trimester 3 (April-June). Each trimester will consist of 55 class hours during 5 weekend sessions, in total 165 hours and 15 weekend sessions during the whole course.
Syllabus: 165 hours
  • Theoretical module: lectures on translation theory and strategies, 39 hours
  • Practical Translation Classes in the chosen track and CAT tools, 120 hours
  • Professional orientation workshops, 6 hours
  • Specialised Translation: 2 groups
  • Interpreting: 1 group
  • Literary Translation: 1 group
  • Date: September 2010
  • Phase 1: written examination verifying the command of English and Polish
  • Phase 2 (only for Interpreting Track candidates): aptitude test
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