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Symultana Student Research Group

  • ‘Symultana’ in full swing! – Bravo!

    28th June – Alina Boczoń (1st grade, MA translation studies) interpreted a press conference and events accompanying the unveiling of the "Crown of the Himalaya" monument in the Władysławowo Walk of Fame (sports) in honour of outstanding climbers who have summitted the eigth-thousanders. She bravely faced all the vocabulary challenges as well as the omnipresent cameras, while interpreting for the legend of mountaineering Reinhold Messner (photos – Rafał Długokęcki). 



    5th and 6th June – Aleksandra Sieradzka (3rd grade, BA translation studies) took up the gauntlet again, this time interpreting simultaneously during a demanding technological conference DredgDikes on levees. Ola partnered one of the graduates of our post-graduate course in interpreting Ms. Dorota Rewieńska.  


    15th and 16th May – Luiza Safi (2nd grade, MA translation studies) interpreted consecutively at meeting with the authors featuring at the Between.Pomiędzy Festival.


    14th May – Luiza Safi (2nd grade, MA translation studies) interpreted simultaneously at a conference ’10 year’s of Poland’s membership in the European Union – assessment and prospects’ held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk. Appreciating her work, Ms. Aleksandra Borowicz from the UG Centre for Studies on European Integration declared willingness to collaborate with ‘Symultana’ within conference projects in the future.


    25th April - Aleksandra Sieradzka (3rd grade, BA translation studies) interpreted for a group of Belgian visitors to Nowy  Port, Gdansk, in cooperation with the Kinoport branch of the Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art.


    9th April – Symultana at the Faculty of Social Sciences –  see article below

  • Symultana on "Science and Business – pathologies in the organization" Conference.

    On 9th April 2014, members of our Association took part in the Conference "Science and Business – pathologies in the organization" as simultaneous interpreters. The conference was held at the Faculty for Social Studies at the University of Gdansk. The topics raised during the conference were diversified, and included: Sexuality of Business People, Corporate Psychopath – implications for organisation and Counterproductive Behaviours in Organization. There were six interpreters working in turns: Sonja Block, Magdalena Dombrowska, Aleksandra Sieradzka,   Justyna Szcześniak, Mikołaj Wojtczak i Angelika Żołnierczuk. Our presence enabled the guests to fully participate in the conference. Furthermore, during the break, a poster exhibition for student’s organizations was held. Our Association was represented by our leader Justyna Szcześniak and Aleksandra Sieradzka, who were assisted by our mentor, Mrs. Paula Gorszczyńska. 

  • Meeting Ms Katarzyna Herbert

    On 8 April 2014 members of the Symultana Student Research Group met again with Ms Katarzyna Herbert, a public service interpreter currently working in England. This time, the main focus of the meeting was cooperation between an interpreter and the police. The participants learned in practice about the realities and procedures of the job. Apart from providing exercises, which consisted of interpreting the most common phrases and standard forms (consecutively and a vista), Ms Herbert highlighted the importance of appropriate memory and brain training. In addition, we interpreted consecutively and simultaneously police interview role plays and testimonies. Each exercise was commented on by our guest. The Group’s supervisor mgr Paula Gorszczyńska gave her feedback as well. Ms Herbert summed up by reminding us how important it is to take care of proper working conditions and your own health. We would like to thank Ms Herbert for coming and sharing her knowledge and experience with us. 

  • Workshops

    On Saturday, 5th April, the Interpreting Students Society “Symultana” organized workshops in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The aim of the workshops for high school students from Gdynia and Słupsk (the 10th and 2nd High School, respectively) was for the society members to share their knowledge and experience with the guests, thus encouraging the latter to start thinking about their future educational prospects.

    Simultaneous interpreting workshops were conducted by Ms Paula Gorszczyńska, the Mentor of the Students Society “Symultana”, inspiring, optimistic and motivating as usual. The high school students had a chance to try interpreting in the booths under Ms Gorszczyńska’s watchful eye, with the help of “Symultana” members Iza Karwowska and Adela Michalska.

    The consecutive part of the workshops was organized by the President of Symultana with Vice-Presidents, Aleksandra Sieradzka, Agata Kowalska, Luiza Safi and members, Emilia Staak and Marcela Lubińska. The high school students listened to a few presentations about different types of interpreting, and then they had to deal with stress induced by public speaking in front the group. They also learned how to take notes effectively.

    It was a productive day full of emotion, and we hope that it encouraged the participants to take up translation studies one day.

  • News 2014

    On 19 March 2014, the Symultana Student Research Group together with the Linguana Student Research Club took part in the open day of the Faculty of Languages and prepared a stand to promote the bachelor, master and post-graduate translation studies. We distributed information leaflets and answered our guests’ questions concerning the recruitment process in the Chair for Translation Studies and UG Centre for Translation Studies, the array of courses offered, our experiences and prospects. In the specialized laboratory with interpreters’ booths, we delivered a detailed presentation  about our major and about activities of the translation and interpreting oriented student research groups.


    On 20 and 21 March 2014, the Symultana Student Research Group organized workshops on interpreting. Our participants were students from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and students of different majors from the University of Gdansk. The Thursday workshop consisted of a theoretical part, exercises on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and discussion about interpreting challenges and coping strategies.

    The Friday simultaneous interpreting workshop was conducted by experienced interpreters: Ms Barbara Kubica-Daniel, Ms Magdalena Łutek and Ms Paula Gorszczyńska.

    We would like to thank our guests and all the volunteers involved in organizing the workshops for the great time we had together improving our interpreting skills.

  • Our student success

    On 28 November at 8 pm at Teatr w Oknie in Długa Street a seminar entitled ‘Beckett from the actor’s perspective’ was organised by BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY and the University of Gdańsk Samuel Beckett Research Team. The main part of the seminar was a meeting with Marcello Magni, hosted by Dr Tomasz Wiśniewski. An MA student of Translation Studies and a co-founder of the Interpreting Student Society ‘Symultana’ Luiza Safi had an opportunity to prove herself in the role of a consecutive interpreter during that event. She was translating Dr Wiśniewski’s interview with Marcello Magni, one of the founders of the famous London Theatre Complicite, an actor and a choreographer, who came to Gdańsk to run a theatrical workshop COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE.

  • Student Research Circle Symultana starts the new academic year.


    At the beginning of November the Student Research Circle Symultana interested in the interpreting studies organized recruitment for the students from different faculties of Gdansk University.

    On 16 November 2013 the first Circle’s meeting with the new members took place. A special guest was Ms. Katarzyna Herbert, an interpreter working in England. She explained to us the specific character of public service interpreting, especially of its legal and medical branches. The practical part of the meeting consisted of the interpreting of improvised legal and medical scenes, a discussion about the occurring problems and a feedback from our guest and the Circle’s supervisor, mgr Paula Gorszczyńska. We want to thank Ms. Herbert for coming and sharing her knowledge and experience with us.

    The next Circle’s meeting is taking place on 26 November (Tuesday) in the interpreting laboratory in the building of the Institute of Roman Studies (238 A Grunwaldzka Street). People willing to become Circle’s members are welcome!

    Student Research Circle Symultana


  • Symultana Student Research Group

    Student Research Group Symultana was founded in May 2013, which makes it the youngest research circle operating in the Institute of English and American Studies. Its members are students interested in all forms of interpreting.

    During meetings, the research group conducts various exercises in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Furthermore, Symultana organized a meeting with Barbara Kubica-Daniel, a professional translator working on the movie market. During the open day at the Chair of Translation Studies, Symultana held a two-hour demonstration workshop for the visitors. 

    All meetings take place in a high-tech translation lab, equipped with translation booths and digital interpreter desks.

    Symultana will be recruiting new members starting October 2013 – if interested, please contact Aleksandra Sieradzka (

    Founding members:

    Aleksandra Sieradzka

    Sonja Block

     Luiza Safi

     Kamil Jodełko

     Tomasz Burzyński

    Supervisor: Paula Gorszczyńska, M.A.